Festival of Leaves 5K
Warren Heritage Society Shenandoah Valley Runners
Sat. 13 October 2001
Front Royal, VA

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Names of SVR members at the time of the race are in bold print. If you spot any mistakes in the results, contact results guy Karsten Brown. Also available from the 2001 race are a list of award winners & age groups and a race report.

NOTE: Six runners, whose times are noted with asterisks below and whose names appear in blue, went off course while leading the race at mile 0.7. Sam Shipp, Eric Chandler, and Fred Franklin ended up running an estimated 1.15 miles extra; Mark Vann lost at least 30 seconds in turning around to return to the course; and Neal Riemenschneider and Raymond Bollock lost an estimated ten seconds. The race's organizers apologize sincerely for the confusion. See the race report for the full story!

# name age sex city, state time pace in sex award
1.Neal Riemenschneider47MWinchester, VA18:56*6:061st1st M Overall
2.Mark Vann35MWinchester, VA19:28*6:162nd2nd M Overall
3.Jason Page56MHamilton, VA19:596:263rd3rd M Overall
4.Raymond Bollock36MWinchester, VA20:20*6:334th1st M 35-39
5.Karsten Brown27MFront Royal, VA20:296:365th1st M 25-29
6.Weaky Weak44MWinchester, VA20:426:406th1st M 40-44
7.Chris Northrup38MWinchester, VA20:436:407th2nd M 35-39
8.Jim Shaughnessy41MWinchester, VA20:446:408th2nd M 40-44
9.Myron Kremer44MWinchester, VA20:456:419th3rd M 40-44
10.Randy Wingfield56MWinchester, VA21:006:4610th1st M 55-59
11.Terry Leckie37MFront Royal, VA21:106:4911th3rd M 35-39
12.Lloyd Blackwell61MWarrenton, VA21:276:5412th1st M 60+
13.Eric Olson47MFront Royal, VA21:577:0413th1st M 45-49
14.Katie Kerr-Hobert22FWinchester, VA22:487:201st1st F Overall
15.Peter Blank46MAnnandale, VA23:117:2814th2nd M 45-49
16.Becky Stewart12FManassas, VA23:367:362nd2nd F Overall
17.Dave Stewart40MManassas, VA23:377:3615th4th M 40-44
18.Larry Wiedel46MRaleigh, NC24:097:4616th3rd M 45-49
19.James Rohr40MNew Baltimore, VA24:267:5217th5th M 40-44
20.Marvin Yakim52MFront Royal, VA24:508:0018th1st M 50-54
21.Paul Grosz51MStephens City, VA25:018:0319th2nd M 50-54
22.Richard Jacobus23MFront Royal, VA25:458:1720th1st M 20-24
23.Darryl McGraw41MRaleigh, NC25:598:2221st6th M 40-44
24.Bent Ferrell50MBoyce, VA26:138:2622nd3rd M 50-54
25.Sam Shipp31MRound Hill, VA26:20*8:2923rd1st M 30-34
26.Eric Chandler27MWinchester, VA26:20*8:2924th2nd M 25-29
27.Herb Sturm50MStephens City, VA26:248:3025th4th M 50-54
28.Glenn Luttrell58MWinchester, VA27:258:4926th2nd M 55-59
29.Fred Franklin50MLinden, VA27:30*8:5127th5th M 50-54
30.Anna Moser44FDelaplane, VA27:318:513rd3rd F Overall
31.Barbara Bernard30FFront Royal, VA28:059:024th1st F 30-34
32.Edward Greco66MFront Royal, VA28:559:1828th2nd M 60+
33.Amanda McHale14FFront Royal, VA29:289:295th1st F 14 & U.
 Danielle Bunce13FFront Royal, VA29:289:295th1st F 14 & U.
 Heather Presley13FFront Royal, VA29:289:295th1st F 14 & U.
36.Ric Francke54MMcLean, VA30:089:4229th6th M 50-54
37.Kevin Kenney36MWarrenton, VA30:259:4730th4th M 35-39
38.Travis Bratcher31MLinden, VA30:269:4831st2nd M 30-34
39.Mike Hamlin70MCape Coral, FL30:459:5432nd3rd M 60+
40.Chris Fries45MFront Royal, VA31:2610:0733rd4th M 45-49
41.John Raines58MLinden, VA32:0410:1934th3rd M 55-59
42.Ruth Riemenschneider44FWinchester, VA32:2510:268th1st F 40-44
43.Rob Nagel53FAmarillo, TX34:3011:069th1st F 50-54
44.Mary Kay Moriarty46FFront Royal, VA34:4511:1110th1st F 45-49
45.Christa Kelly26FWinchester, VA35:1511:2111th1st F 25-29
46.Colleen Snyder45FLinden, VA40:2513:0112th2nd F 45-49
47.Beth Heick38FWinchester, VA43:0113:5113th1st F 35-39

Additional note: An unidentified participant who finished in 28:09 has been left out of the results above, as she failed to turn in her finish card. Two other runners ran the race without paying the entry fee and have also been omitted from the results.

Results Age Groups Race Report Past Results

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