Festival of Leaves 5K
Warren Heritage Society Shenandoah Valley Runners
Sat. 11 October 2003
Front Royal, VA

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Names of SVR members at the time of the race are in bold print. If you spot any mistakes in the results, contact results guy Karsten Brown. Also available from the 2003 race are a list of award winners & age groups and a race report.

# name age sex city, state time pace in sex award
1.Mark Vann37MWinchester, VA18:005:481st1st M Overall
2.Ryan Bayne23MWinchester, VA18:105:512nd2nd M Overall
3.Josh Wilson14MWinchester, VA18:556:053rd3rd M Overall
4.Bobby Watson17MFront Royal, VA19:316:174th1st M 15-19
5.Mike Balogh15MWarrenton, VA19:356:185th2nd M 15-19
6.Austin Cote14MWinchester, VA19:456:216th1st M 14 & U.
7.Karsten Brown29MFront Royal, VA19:586:267th1st M 25-29
8.Raymond Bollock38MWinchester, VA20:086:298th1st M 35-39
9.Terry Leckie39MFront Royal, VA20:296:369th2nd M 35-39
10.Steve Dyer49MSan Diego, CA20:386:3810th1st M 45-49
11.Jay Little34MChester Gap, VA20:446:4011th1st M 30-34
12.Chris Northrup40MWinchester, VA20:526:4312th1st M 40-44
13.Joe Bernazani47MFront Royal, VA20:576:4513th2nd M 45-49
14.Jim Shaughnessy43MWinchester, VA21:296:5514th2nd M 40-44
15.Eric Olson49MFront Royal, VA21:507:0215th3rd M 45-49
16.Randy Wingfield58MWinchester, VA21:587:0416th1st M 55-59
17.Jon Sands11MWinchester, VA22:227:1217th2nd M 14 & U.
18.Johanna Stumpf25FStephens City, VA22:247:131st1st F Overall
19.James Rohr42MNew Baltimore, VA22:357:1618th3rd M 40-44
20.Marcus Heflin17MFront Royal, VA23:077:2619th3rd M 15-19
21.Claire McLellan13FWinchester, VA23:197:302nd2nd F Overall
22.Chris Servais26MStephens City, VA23:277:3320th2nd M 25-29
23.Roy DeSchon13MWinchester, VA23:437:3821st3rd M 14 & U.
24.Nic Lizer14MCross Junction, VA23:447:3822nd4th M 14 & U.
25.Alison Tripp19FSummerhill, PA24:057:453rd3rd F Overall
26.Angie Page30FThe Plains, VA24:277:524th1st F 30-34
27.Marvin Yakim54MFront Royal, VA25:188:0923rd1st M 50-54
28.Kyra Brown34FSterling, VA25:218:105th2nd F 30-34
29.Chuck Wilson46MWinchester, VA25:338:1324th4th M 45-49
30.J.J. Alcott26MWoodstock, VA25:368:1425th3rd M 25-29
31.David Pugh11MWinchester, VA25:398:1526th5th M 14 & U.
32.Mary Fortney39FFront Royal, VA26:138:266th1st F 35-39
33.Brendan Oudekerk13MWinchester, VA26:448:3627th6th M 14 & U.
34.Cheryl Harrison39FFront Royal, VA26:468:377th2nd F 35-39
35.Sarah Carpenter13FWinchester, VA27:068:438th1st F 14 & U.
36.Bob Gurtler68MThe Plains, VA27:208:4828th1st M 60+
37.Andrew Lloyd13MClearbrook, VA27:599:0029th7th M 14 & U.
38.John Stevens13MWinchester, VA28:019:0130th8th M 14 & U.
39.Fred Nelson62MPlymouth, MI28:049:0231st2nd M 60+
40.Crystal Printz12FCross Junction, VA28:059:029th2nd F 14 & U.
41.Glenn Luttrell60MStephens City, VA28:449:1532nd3rd M 60+
42.Harriette Bayse32FWinchester, VA28:459:1510th3rd F 30-34
43.Erin Dusick25FGerrardstown, WV28:529:1711th1st F 25-29
44.Lauren Kilby23FStephens City, VA29:489:3612th1st F 20-24
45.Joe Hamaker27MWinchester, VA30:199:4533rd4th M 25-29
46.Phil Griffin36MWinchester, VA31:1710:0434th3rd M 35-39
47.Tucker Obenshain12FHarrisonburg, VA31:1910:0513th3rd F 14 & U.
48.Mark Obenshain41MHarrisonburg, VA31:2010:0535th4th M 40-44
49.Haylie Darr11FFront Royal, VA33:1610:4214th4th F 14 & U.
50.Abby Fink15FWinchester, VA33:1710:4315th1st F 15-19
51.Tim Darr41MFront Royal, VA33:3010:4736th5th M 40-44
52.Adie Weimer12FWinchester, VA33:3410:4816th5th F 14 & U.
53.Colleen Snyder47FLinden, VA35:1011:1917th1st F 45-49
54.Kelbi Underwood15FStephens City, VA43:07*13:5318th2nd F 15-19

Note: Kelbi Underwood missed the final (and somewhat hard to spot) turn at West Main Street & Luray Avenue, so therefore our final finisher actually ran a bit more than 5K. Sorry about that, Kelbi! As a friend told her afterwards, "You're the 3.5 mile winner."

Results Age Groups Race Report Past Results

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