Festival of Leaves 5K
Warren Heritage Society
Sat. 13 October 2007
Front Royal, VA

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Names of SVR members at the time of the race are in bold print, while names of Osbourn High School cross-country runners are in blue. If you spot any mistakes in the results (or if you are the unidentified finisher listed at bottom), contact race director Karsten Brown. Also available from the 2007 race are a list of award winners & age groups and a race report.

# name age sex city, state time pace in sex award
1.Guy Incognito33MFront Royal, VA18:185:531st1st M Overall
2.Brad Sponaugle27MMartinsburg, WV18:325:582nd2nd M Overall
3.Dylan Scarton17MManassas, VA18:416:013rd3rd M Overall
4.Ben McIvor17MManassas, VA18:476:034th1st M 15-19
5.Jonathan Kuiper28MFront Royal, VA19:396:195th1st M 25-29
6.Neal Riemenschneider53MWinchester, VA20:166:316th1st M 50-54
7.Rhys Franck26MManassas, VA20:206:337th2nd M 25-29
8.Josef Aramayo14MManassas, VA20:206:338th1st M 10-14
9.Alexander Stewart27MFlint Hill, VA20:266:359th3rd M 25-29
10.Duane Williamson44MWarrenton, VA20:306:3610th1st M 40-44
11.Brandon Vanetten16MManassas, VA20:586:4511th2nd M 15-19
12.Jim Grumblatt38MRichmond, VA21:056:4712th1st M 35-39
13.Terry Tibbs43MMiddleburg, VA21:156:5013th2nd M 40-44
14.Fred Franklin56MLinden, VA21:166:5114th1st M 55-59
15.Jeffrey Hill15MManassas, VA21:396:5815th3rd M 15-19
16.Jim Shaughnessy47MWinchester, VA22:057:0616th1st M 45-49
17.James Freilich38MWinchester, VA23:017:2517th2nd M 35-39
18.Randy Wingfield62MWinchester, VA23:187:3018th1st M 60+
19.A.R. Keller42MToms Brook, VA23:187:3019th3rd M 40-44
20.Megan Scarton15FManassas, VA23:207:311st1st F Overall
21.Laura Andersen16FManassas, VA23:297:342nd2nd F Overall
22.Steve Wines46MMarshall, VA23:507:4020th2nd M 45-49
23.Jim Madonna69MFairbanks, AK23:517:4121st2nd M 60+
24.Carter Wiecking37FFort Valley, VA23:557:423rd3rd F Overall
25.Liam O'Reilly12MFront Royal, VA23:557:4222nd2nd M 10-14
26.Cameron DeLaFleur12MFront Royal, VA24:007:4323rd3rd M 10-14
27.Tiffany Hatcher14FFront Royal, VA24:027:444th1st F 10-14
28.Kevin Olson20MFront Royal, VA24:037:4424th1st M 20-24
29.Dawn Stann34FFront Royal, VA24:057:455th1st F 30-34
30.Amanda Potts16FFront Royal, VA24:087:466th1st F 15-19
31.Michael Hofbauer44MFront Royal, VA24:347:5425th4th M 40-44
32.Josef Hofbauer12MFront Royal, VA24:347:5426th4th M 10-14
33.Stephen Armstrong59MWinchester, VA24:588:0227th2nd M 55-59
34.Krishele Carter42FStrasburg, VA25:028:037th1st F 40-44
35.Robert Klipfel17MWoodbridge, VA25:068:0528th4th M 15-19
36.David Wood53MWildwood, MO25:138:0729th2nd M 50-54
37.Sam Keller40MStrasburg, VA25:488:1830th5th M 40-44
38.Robert Symons52MWinchester, VA25:528:2031st3rd M 50-54
39.Brian Delaney11MFront Royal, VA26:478:3732nd5th M 10-14
40.Tobias O'Reilly11MFront Royal, VA26:538:3933rd6th M 10-14
41.Declan O'Reilly8MFront Royal, VA26:568:4034th1st M 9 & U.
42.Julie Vetal16FManassas, VA27:088:448th2nd F 15-19
43.Merle Shuff57MFront Royal, VA28:069:0335th3rd M 55-59
44.Josie Yorgason14FManassas, VA28:129:059th2nd F 10-14
45.Rodger Smith43MStephens City, VA29:149:2536th6th M 40-44
46.Damaris Martinez14FManassas, VA29:199:2610th3rd F 10-14
47.Heidi DeLaFleur41FFront Royal, VA29:239:2711th2nd F 40-44
48.Cecilia Hofbauer7FFront Royal, VA30:459:5412th1st F 9 & U.
49.Sean O'Reilly55MFront Royal, VA31:2310:0637th4th M 55-59
50.Jack Stann9MFront Royal, VA31:3110:0938th2nd M 9 & U.
51.Kevin Grumblatt9MRichmond, VA31:4410:1339th3rd M 9 & U.
52.Jenna Wiesenhahn21FSpringfield, VA32:1510:2313th1st F 20-24
53.Leanna Keegan27FCentreville, VA32:2010:2414th1st F 25-29
54.Joan O'Reilly6FFront Royal, VA33:2210:4415th2nd F 9 & U.
55.Nancie Kie28FFront Royal, VA34:2711:0516th2nd F 25-29
56.Brian Kie29MFront Royal, VA34:2811:0640th4th M 25-29
57.Robert Gurtler72MThe Plains, VA34:5511:1441st3rd M 60+
58.Colleen Snyder51FLinden, VA35:1511:2117th1st F 50-54

Unidentified 5K finisher  (If this was you, please e-mail the race director!)
name time pace
finish card not turned in33:0710:40

Ran part of the 5K
name age sex city, state time
Joseph O'Reilly8MFront Royal, VA26:46
James O'Reilly8MFront Royal, VA27:35

1 mile fun run/walk participants
name age sex city, state
Mike DeLaFleur42MFront Royal, VA
Analeise Hofbauer5FFront Royal, VA
Patti Palmer67FShepherdstown, WV
Luke Stann5MFront Royal, VA
Matthew Stann7MFront Royal, VA
John Stann34MFront Royal, VA

Results Age Groups Race Report Past Results

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